Relax With What Is

HEY YOU! Yes, you! BREATHE. Take a big, deep, meaningful breath. Tense all your muscles. Clinch your jaw. Wrinkle your third eye. Take another big sip of air. And then a gulp. One more moment!! OK, release! Let your breath and all your muscles melt right now into this present moment. Now, look around. Whatever it is you see, be all there- your computer screen at work, your screaming kids, your two minute pigeon pose, the pile of laundry, the busy, the bullshit. Look at it, see it, make friends with it and then let it be.

Sometimes we get so engulfed in our stories and so far away from our highest selves that we can’t even see all the beauty before us. With that one big breath we take back our presence and most importantly, our power.

Now think of the moments that could REALLY use this presence prescription- when we are about to lose our shit in line at the grocery store, an exhaustion induced irritable exchange with our partner, when we stub our toe, all of those things and the list of a million more you could write on your own. Our lives are starving for what Tara Brach, meditation teacher extraordinaire calls, “The Sacred Pause.” This moment, this choice, changes everything. It shifts frequency, elevates consciousness and allows us to stand firmly rooted in our power. Think of the possibilities and transformation that could occur if we stepped out of our own way, gave ourselves a second of space and one BIG breath before reacting. When we react we give away our power because we let our lowest self, the ego driven crazy bitch take over. We deserve more than this. When we respond instead of react, our highest self soars.

And the good news is that we don’t have to meditate in the Himalayas, read the Ramayana or meet Ram Dass. Those things would definitely give us a big spirit supercharge but we don’t need them. We already have everything that we need. And the one thing we need is that blissful breath.

So breathe, Family and relax with what is.

-- by Melissa Delynn