Jessica Taylor

Jessica is a yoga instructor, registered nurse, mother, and saltwater junkie. Her love of yoga began in college. Struggling with anxiety and depression, Jessica discovered yoga to be much more than a physical practice. To her, yoga became a safe space for healing – a space for stillness.

Her love of the ocean and being outdoors made teaching stand up paddle yoga classes a natural progression. Along with her husband Ryan, Jessica continues to lead the Island SUP Yoga Teacher Training program based in Aruba.

In addition to teaching at DDY, Jessica is a contributing guide for the online yoga platform She is passionate about sharing yoga to help others live life in their fullest self-expression – both on land and in the water!

Her secret superpower is that she can burp on command louder than a grown man AND she can save your life if you suddenly stop breathing or cardiac arrest.

Her guilty pleasure? Hotdogs.  We can't make this stuff up.  Her favorite pose: "I'm addicted handstands but my favorite pose lately is Wild Thing."

Jessica Taylor is currently not instructing any classes.