Jessie Gulliver

Jessie started practicing yoga in 2009 after a drastic lifestyle/career change! A paddle boarder, Jessie was incorporating healthier activities into her world but had not been exposed to yoga until some friends convinced her to try it out.  Yoga became a natural expression and Jessie  became obsessed with SUPY, stand up paddle yoga. She knew that she wanted to bring sup and yoga to a new level but in order to do that she had to get certified in yoga. That's when her life changed forever!
"Yoga became a lifestyle for me! Since then I have gone through SUPY training, Ddy apprentice program and have been consistently teaching yoga for 2 years now! I found my way to baptiste yoga, which has been nothing short of amazing, and with the help of the savannah yoga community have been able to bring sup yoga to the studios and utilize our surroundings to deepen the practice!"
Jessie's secret superpower is her alter ego, Glow Gir.  Glow Girl builds a force field of glow around her tribe Her favorite pose is headstand, or any inversion -- because in this crazy world we live in, Jessie flys to keep balanced and grounded!!

Jessie Gulliver instructs the following:
  • Yoga for Busy People
  • Think you're too busy for yoga?  We have your class!  Yoga for Busy People is the  best 50 minutes you've ever spent on your mat-- or at lunch!  We'll hit the ground running and move you from awakening to deep rest before you have to zip back to the office!  Expect a full Baptiste experience with a little less heat, and less calories than the Mexican restaurant.

  • Power Hour
  • Power Hour follows the Journey Into Power Sequence in a power-packed hour! Our classes are suitable for everyone and allow you to work at your own level while incorporating variations and modifications. Come experience true freedom and personal power on your mat and in your life– in just an hour!