Cara Griffin

Growing up in Alabama, being barefoot came naturally to Cara. She teaches a yoga that practices the art of liberation. Lovingly nicknamed as "the artistic expression executive", she creatively explores Baptiste sequencing coupled with extensive trainings the movement arts.

“As the mind, so the person, feeling bound or liberated exists only in our minds… if we can learn to train our minds, then there is nothing in this world to bind us” - {adapted}- Sri. Swami Satchidananda

By focusing attention inward, Cara encourages students to discover freedom from mental and physical restrictions. This integrated approach awakens mindfulness while restoring a natural balance. A visual artist by trade, Cara's inspires students to be redesign their minds and become space architects in their bodies.
She feels incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Dancing Dogs Yoga community by guiding students of all levels through joyful sequencing.


Her superpower?
Pranayama or breath exercises. It's easy to forget the power that our life has inside for us, and training in breath practices, she believes, has the ability to heal most everything.
Her guilty pleasure is forgetting time exists and immersing herself in her paintings. She will swim in any body of water, and always wants to see the world from an aerial perspective and likes her food hot enough to make you cry. Cara feels extremely privileged to be in an environment that always uplifts, always inspires, and always includes. She uses yoga as her platform to change the world by teaching the art of liberation and giving all people a chance to experience that power within themselves.

Cara Griffin instructs the following:
  • Last Call Yoga
  • Last Call Yoga

    Late Night Donation Yoga
    The Art of Liberation through kindness, movement and breath.
    Suitable for all levels, Cara brings music to a JIP inspired sequence.
    FREE for members and a $10 drop in for non members.
    Encouraging the intention of liberation, last call yoga unites the beat of your heart with the rhythm of fostering peace in our community.

  • Power Yoga Playground
  • We promise to be out-of-the-box playful in this 75 minute vinyasa flow designed to enlighten and inspire your practice and your life.  Step outside of your comfort zone and commit to PLAY!

  • Yoga for Busy People
  • Think you're too busy for yoga?  We have your class!  Yoga for Busy People is the  best 50 minutes you've ever spent on your mat-- or at lunch!  We'll hit the ground running and move you from awakening to deep rest before you have to zip back to the office!  Expect a full Baptiste experience with a little less heat, and less calories than the Mexican restaurant.