Kendall Beene

Kendall Beene has been teaching yoga for eleven years. Her background is in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Baptiste Power Yoga. She has trained with many teachers, but counts David Swenson, Stephanie Keach, and Baron Baptiste as her most influential teachers. Kendall teaches yoga because she can’t imagine how she would navigate this crazy world without it and her life is a crusade to share yoga’s power with anyone who will listen to her! Kendall’s secret superpower is parallel parking her minivan while children either chatter or argue in the backseat. Her guilty pleasure is unquestionably good ice cream and silly comedies- together. Her favorite pose changes and morphs but she comes back to half moon again and again for its indulgent and delicious edges… and she believes that the very best thing about yoga is its ability to wake up the amazing potential in all of us!

Kendall Beene instructs the following:
  • Yoga for Busy People
  • Think you're too busy for yoga?  We have your class!  Yoga for Busy People is the  best 50 minutes you've ever spent on your mat-- or at lunch!  We'll hit the ground running and move you from awakening to deep rest before you have to zip back to the office!  Expect a full Baptiste experience with a little less heat, and less calories than the Mexican restaurant.

  • Flow Through the Chakras
  • According to the energetic theory of yoga, the human body contains seven primary centers called Chakras. When these centers are clear and balanced, we experience life with greater ease and clarity. When we experience “blocks” in one energy center or another, life can feel heavy, and stuck. Learn about energy theory and these seven centers specifically while you move through this dynamic yoga practice designed to awaken and balance the chakras. There will be yoga, breath work, meditation, laughter, and even some surprises in this dynamic and educational 2-hour class.

  • Fundamentals: Yoga 101
  • Come learn the basics of a power yoga practice with Fundamentals.   This unheated class is intended to break down postures and give you a strong foundation for a life-long vinyasa practice.

  • Power Hour
  • Power Hour follows the Journey Into Power Sequence in a power-packed hour! Our classes are suitable for everyone and allow you to work at your own level while incorporating variations and modifications. Come experience true freedom and personal power on your mat and in your life– in just an hour!

  • Fly Kids
    An acro yoga workshop for kids and their parents

    Join Kendall Beene and Josie Crowder for this super-fun, super-fly yoga workshop. Partner yoga is a great way for parents and kids to connect, play and release tension together. In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll do some simple, fun yoga before exploring poses together that allow us to deepen our stretches, fly thru the air, build confidence & communication skills. Be ready to laugh a lot and be surprised at what you can do together. Bring the whole family because everyone will get a change to play! Open to all levels and kids of all ages. $30 for parent + one child. $5 each additional family member.