Yoga for Busy People

This class is taught by:

Kendall Beene

Kendall Beene has been teaching yoga for eleven years. Her background is in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Baptiste Power Yoga. She has trained with many teachers, but counts David Swenson, Stephanie Keach, and Baron Baptiste as her most influential teachers. Kendall teaches yoga because she can’t imagine how she would navigate this crazy world without it and her life is a crusade to share yoga’s power with anyone who will listen to her! Kendall’s secret superpower is parallel parking her minivan while children either chatter or argue in the backseat. Her guilty pleasure is unquestionably good ice cream and silly comedies- together. Her favorite pose changes and morphs but she comes back to half moon again and again for its indulgent and delicious edges… and she believes that the very best thing about yoga is its ability to wake up the amazing potential in all of us!

Chris Abolio

Chris Abolio had an off and on relationship with Yoga before moving to Savannah from Detroit, Michigan. Since her relocation, she fell in love with Power Yoga and has discovered how yoga can be a home and community, no matter where you live.  One of her favorite aspects of Yoga is what it does for the body, mind, and spirit. Abolio’s superpowers are in the elements of fire and grounding, which she uses to help direct herself and others to their edge. She teaches Yoga because she wants to share the self-empowement and personal revolution that yoga has made available to her, helping each person reach their fullest potential both on and off the mat. Yoga also goes well with her guilty pleasure of strobe lights and smoke machines…Especially in her favorite poses of wheel and head stand.  
Chris is an assistant and teacher at DDY.

Shelley Lowther

Shelley Lowther is a 500 Hour Certified Baptiste Teacher in Savannah, GA and the founder of Dancing Dogs Yoga. She is a wife and mother to three four-legged kids. She believes in possibility, and loves animals!

Shelley is a kale-smoothie-drinking, goal-smashing junkie-- she recently smashed her goal of climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Shelley is an Africa Yoga Project ambassador and an Olive Tree Yoga Foundation board member, as well as  a Lululemon Athletica ambassador! She is committed to building community and empowering people wherever she goes.

Shelley lives in downtown Savannah, GA with her husband and 3 dogs.


Jamie Amaro

Jamie Amaro started practicing yoga after a knee injury in the 2012 Savannah Rock n' Roll half marathon. Her first class was as Dancing Dogs Yoga in South Carolina and she fell in love with the empowering style of Baptiste yoga. The community at Dancing Dogs Yoga has become a home for Jamie while inspiring her to grow. Jamie's guilty pleasure is eating ALL of Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. Her secret superpower is being able to pick the perfect avocado and she has won first place in a corn eating contest! Jamie's teaching has allowed her to open up and be vulnerable not only on her mat but in all aspects of her life.

Ally Wilczewski

Ally Wilczewski started yoga to lose weight.  Little did she know it would change her life.  She received her 200 Hour Certification from Dancing Dogs Yoga in 2014 in Atlanta, Ga and has been sharing her passion for yoga and life change in three states ever since.   She is currently enrolled in the DDY Master Teacher Program.  
A New Jersey native, Ally loves people, animals and FUN, and her classes are an eclectic mix of hard work and light-hearted laughs. Her secret super power is to bring sunshine on rainy days and her guilty pleasure...being as lazy as her 4 dogs!  Her favorite pose is tree, because she gets to forgo all the rules and be any tree she wants! You can expect a lot of Jersey sass sprinkled in with a teacher who will work your peaches off.
Think you're too busy for yoga?  We have your class!  Yoga for Busy People is the  best 50 minutes you've ever spent on your mat-- or at lunch!  We'll hit the ground running and move you from awakening to deep rest before you have to zip back to the office!  Expect a full Baptiste experience with a little less heat, and less calories than the Mexican restaurant.

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